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The other half of the Science of Reading that nobody talks about!

Designed for 1st & 2nd grade teachers who want to move beyond decoding so their students can understand & enjoy the text around them.

You'll learn...

  • The importance of teaching comprehension
  • How to build background knowledge
  • Tips for effective vocab instruction
  • How to meet the needs of all

Learn how to start and end your day with peace and productivity.

In this workshop, Angie shares her best-kept secrets for turning a classroom from chaotic to calm.

You'll learn how to...

  • Set the tone for a productive day with morning routines.
  • Integrate academics with transition times.
  • Stop feeling like a broken record & start enjoying your school days again!

Learn how to get ready for school in just 3 days!

In this workshop, Angie shares all of her classroom set-up and back to school planning secrets.

You'll learn how to...

  • Streamline classroom setup
  • Plan for a spectacular open house/ parent night
  • Be entirely ready for the first week of school

Get back to enjoying summer!

Learn how to unlock the reader in every student!

This training covers...

  • How to know what your students really need when it comes to reading instruction.
  • How to build reading fluency through phonics:
  • From word level decoding...
  • To word level automaticity...
  • To text level accuracy & automaticity...

...and into fluent reading!

Get the tools and the training to catch your students up in math and literacy!

  • All the materials & resources you need to rock small group and intervention lessons.
  • On-Demand training to teach you how to run effective small groups & literacy or math intervention.