Trainings by Lucky Little Learners

Trainings by Lucky Little Learners

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Learn how to start and end your day with peace and productivity.

In this workshop, Angie shares her best-kept secrets for turning a classroom from chaotic to calm.

You'll learn how to...

  • Set the tone for a productive day with morning routines.
  • Integrate academics with transition times.
  • Stop feeling like a broken record...

And start enjoying your entire school days again!

Learn how to get ready for school in just 3 days!

In this workshop, Angie shares all of her classroom set-up and back to school planning secrets.

You'll learn how to...

  • Streamline classroom setup
  • Plan for a spectacular open house/ parent night
  • Be entirely ready for the first week of school

And get back to enjoying summer right up to the end this year!

Learn how to unlock the reader in every student!

This training covers...

  • How to Know What Your Students Really Need when it comes to reading instruction
  • How to build reading fluency through phonics:
  • From word level decoding...
  • To word level automaticity...
  • To text level accuracy & automaticity...

...and into fluent reading!

Get the tools and the training to catch your students up in math and literacy!

  • All the materials & resources you need to rock small group and intervention lessons.
  • On-Demand training to teach you how to run effective small groups & literacy or math intervention.